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Salley is the managing partner of First and Central Coaching. She is a coach, facilitator, and organizational deveopment consultant whose passion is growing companies by growing their people. Her specialty is moving people from team in name to team in fact. She challenges people to investigate their thinking—their assumptions about themselves and others. She gives them the skill to express themselves courageously, authentically, while staying connected. In working with Salley, people develop new awareness, new approaches, new possibilities, deeper commitment and connection. Groups discover the glue that binds them together—what they value and what they are committed to achieving. They discover how to keep the group together, focused on the goal—how to close the communication gaps, how to recover from communication gaffs.

Working with Salley is like being at home with all the lights on, getting fully engaged with who you are—your lovable, capable, whole and complete self.


Salley’s approach is empathetic, developed from years of working in the trenches. She has worked at the bottom, the middle and the top of organizations. At the top, she was the Managing Partner in Environmental Services, Inc—an environmental consulting firm serving companies like Intel, Shell, BP, Chevron, Arco, Phelps Dodge and Gas Company of NM in achieving compliance with New Mexico’s air regulations. After 16 years, she sold this company to a national consulting firm. She was also an original part-owner in Kemtah—providing staff augmentation and tech support services nationally and internationally. At the middle, she was Chairman of the Business Division and Professor of Business at San Juan Community College. At the bottom, she was an administrative assistant and cost technician for Union Carbide and Bechtel Power Corporation and provided marketing and tech support services to Analog Digital Services—an international orthodontic software company.

From being at the bottom, Salley discovered how important it was to feel heard, understood, valued. From being at the top she learned how important it was to be both the visionary who inspires and engages and the leader who stands for quality, timeliness, and budget. From being in the middle she learned how important it is to partner with your boss rather than saying ‘yes boss’ when you don’t mean it.

Her clients have included a national laboratory, an international mining company, an engineering group, a pharmaceutical manufacturer, an accounting firm, a financial services group, and a major university as well as a variety of small and solopreneur businesses.

Biz Experience

As Managing Partner of First and Central Coaching, Salley develops an organizations’ current and future leaders.Her clients include a national laboratory, an international mining company, an engineering group, a pharmaceutical manufacturer, an accounting firm, a financial services group, and a major university.

As President of Environmental Services, Inc., a New Mexico boutique air quality consulting firm, she successfully lead the company for 15 years until its sale to Trinity Consultants in 2005.

As part-owner and founding member of Kemtah, Ms. Trefethen led the company’s recruitment, retention and customer satisfaction efforts which established it as a reliable leader in computer-related staff augmentation services.

As Tech Support Leader, Analog Digital Services—makers of software for orthodontists internationally—she ensured that clients had safe, secure, trouble-free systems.

Education and Training

Tribal Leadership Intensives—2011

The Leadership Circle 360—2010

Living Dangerously, Landmark Consultants Group—2008

Accomplishment Coaching, Certified Professional Coach—2004

Authentic Happiness, Certified Coach, 2003

Interpersonal Communications Programs, Inc., Communications Training—2002

Newton Learning Corporation, Facilitator Training—2001

M.A., Ed.Admin—NMSU, 1981

B.A., English—State University of New York at Albany, 1970